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China will realize the era of smart meter in 2016

According to GBI Research studies, with the rapid development of the market, the CAGR of China's smart meter is expected to reach 9.5% in the period of 13-17. Meanwhile, the traditional meter production will fall sharply, it is expected the era of whole smart meters will be achieved in 16.

In 12, meter production capacity in china reached 110.6 million of which including 98.5 million smart meters. In recent years, manufacturers are expanding production to meet home and abroad market demand. In 13, the meter production capacity in China is more than 1 million, of which 91% is smart meter.

At present, replace meters with smart meters is mainly dominated by the SGCC. According to the SGCC 10 planning, in order to meet domestic demand for meter replacement, SGCC will complete 222million smart meters by 14 to achieve direct supply and full coverage ofMunicipalities.

Smart meter is also a key development industry in the Twelfth Five-year Plan, as an important component of the smart grid, smart meter demand will grow rapidly, and it is estimated that by 15, 230 million smart meters will be installed in China.

In addition, with the deepening reform of rural power grids, graduated power tariff implementation is gradually realized in rural areas, it is estimated that by 17, China's smart meter market CAGR will reach 9.5%.