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China Southern Power Grid increased 4.5 billion Yuan in rural power grids upgrading

METERINGChina.com -- China Southern Power Grid increased 4.5 billion Yuan in 13 to promote rural grid upgrading. With the previous announced investment plan, China Southern Power Grid invest .2 billion Yuan in 13, of which 6.8 billion Yuan investment in the budget of the central government.

This year, China Southern Power Grid Company to accelerate rural power grid construction, invested 10.4 billion Yuan in January to August, focused on the rural grid structure, power supply services, low voltage and other aspects of the key problems, gave priority to ensuring the implementation of new built project and continued project which were included in the government budget, the rural power supply capacity and qualityimproved significantly. During January to August, China Southern Power Grid and the covered regions have reached electricity sales totaled 196.9 billion kwh, with an increase of9.2%.